Our Pricing Structure

Straightforward Pricing

Sage Technology Group's committment to small and mid-sized companies goes all the way to our fee structure. We use a simple monthly or hourly rate for all of our services. We don't create project bids based on overestimated hours. We only charge for the time we work. Our expertise and efficiency ensure that our clients get the maximum possible service out of our time.

STG Pricing Schedule

STG Pricing Overview ____________________________
Custom Software Development   up to $185/hour (see below)
Business Process Assessments   $90/hour
Technology Reviews   $120/hour
Business Culture Evaluations   $90/hour
Morpheus Content Management Service   $40-$100/month 
Morpheus Content Management Setup   $150-$350
Management Coaching Services   $2500-$5000/engagement
Executive Coaching Services   $10,000-$18,000/engagement 



Pricing Details______________________________________

Our Pricing Philosophy

STG's unique bidding structure is based on our belief that clients should only be charged for the hours worked on a project. In the technology and consulting industry, a fixed bid process is the standard for project proposals. In calculating these fixed bids, other consulting firms significantly overestimate the hours a project will require in order to account for any unforeseen complexities which may arise. Before opening our firm, the founders of STG spent years working for other large consulting firms and saw serious flaws in this bidding process. If a project goes as planned, these firms essentially get paid for time that wasn't worked. 

STG does not submit fixed bids for custom software development and consulting projects. Instead, our project proposals provide cost ranges for the work to be performed. We give you a high-end and low-end dollar amount for the project costs. Our high-end cost is essentially the fixed bid price you might have received from another firm. However, we only charge you for the hours worked, so the cost of the project will likely be much less. We want to do quality work and be paid for it, but in partnering with our clients we committ ourselves to integrity in our billing. You only pay for hours worked. 

Custom Software Development

The fees for custom development work vary according to the required programming skill level. Our most advanced programmers bill between $160 and $185 per hour. They design system architectures, perform complicated programming tasks and supervise the work of junior programmers to ensure consistency in coding integrity.STG Custom software

Junior programmers perform a large portion of the programming tasks. Their rates range from $80 to $150 an hour, depending on their programming language skill set and years of experience.

A typical custom system usually requires some time from our advanced programmers for certain aspects of the project, while junior programmers perform the majority of the coding. In the bidding process, STG will examine the system requirements provided by the client and identify skill sets needed to provide a quality system. Our proposals identify the programmers involved in the project and their respective hourly rates. We provide ranges for the hours needed from each type of developer to give you a high and low cost estimate for the project.  

Business Process Assessment/Technology Reviews 

Consulting projects are priced at consistent hourly rates. In the bidding process, STG assesses the technology or business areas to be reviewed and provides a cost range for work. We customize the reporting process to your needs. Some clients require significant documentation of the project methodology and recommendations, and they are willing to pay for that service. Other clients prefer the cost savings provided by a concise project presentation. The hourly rates for the various types of consultative projects are defined in the table above.

 Morpheus Content Management Tool Site Setup

Basic Setup
$150    - Choice from 10 design templates
 - 30 minute discussion with Morpheus Analyst to specify color & logo placement 
Design Setup

 - Choice from 10 design template
 - 1 hour discussion with Morpheus Analyst to specify color, logo & design changes
 - Up to 3 hours of customized site changes to layout and features 

$40/hour    - Review and enhancement of content text
 - Assistance in perfecting site content layout 
$80/hour  - Work with a Morpheus Analyst to create a fully customized web site design.
 - Modify functionality or develop new features specific to your business needs. 

Morpheus Content Management Monthly Fees

Basic Service 
$40    - Server hosting and Morpheus software licensing
 - Access to Morpheus training video library 

Support Service


 - Server hosting and Morpheus software licensing
 - Access to Morpheus training video library
 - 2 hours of training and support services with Morpheus Analyst

$120    - Server hosting and Morpheus software licensing
 - Access to Morpheus training video library 
 - 2 hours of training and support services with Morpheus Analyst
 - 3 hours of design enhancements, functionality changes or content review