Executive Coaching Services

Investing in leadership to improve your business

STG Coaching ServicesInvesting in your management team can be the single most important thing you do in growing your business. A manager who inspires employees and sees the big picture can catapult a small company to greatness.

While executive coaching has become the leadership development tool of choice for Fortune 500 companies, most small and mid-sized businesses have not been able to afford the high fees for coaching services, which can reach $25,000 for a 6-month engagement.

Coaching for businesses of all sizes.

As with our other services, STG strives to bring the important benefits of management coaching to all businesses, whether your company employs 2 people or 2000. In an effort to provide these services to middle managers running the critical day-to-day activities of the business, STG has developed a coaching methodology that allows us provide effective, full-service coaching for as little as $1500.