Business Process Assessments

STG Business Process Assessments

Helping you do it better

It can be hard to see possibilities for improvement when you’re entrenched in the day-to-day activities. Big companies bring in consultants to get a third party perspective and find ways to enhance operations. Until now those consulting firms come with a big price tag. 

Now you can afford it too.

STG has created a business process assessment methodology that provides the benefits of these reviews at a fraction of the standard price. 

Critical Elements to an Effective BP Review     
Efficient evaluation tools minimize the time required to understand your business.
*   Use of only highly experienced consultants assures quick identification of the right solutions.  
*   Standardized reporting tools focus efforts on in-depth analysis and problem-solving rather than report writing.
*   Input from client employees aligns process changes with the business culture. 
*   Follow-up coaching ensures the consistency and effectiveness of improvement changes.